In any trip you visit many cities, talk with lovely people, and see amazing landscapes, but there is another reason that makes a trip different and interesting than any other: food.

Everybody knows in places such as SouthEast Asia you have the opportunity of trying weird food, some is actually good.

Here you have a list of different typical dishes from SouthEast Asia we tried, or at least, saw. You might find some in Europe or other Western countries, anyway they are not so common. We have specified where we found that food, although it might be possible to find it in other places:

Beware some images may be disgusting to you!

Where? Chiang Rai, Thailand.
Tasted? Yes, Albertico and Miguelito.
After eaten
we really ate that!

Fertilized egg
Where? Chicken- Laos (baby chicken); Duck- Cambodia and Philippines (balut); Quail- Vietnam
Tasted? Yes, Albertico (all); Miguelito and Polo (quail)
Baby chicken, Laos
Fertilized duck egg, after eaten
eating baby chicken in Luang Namtha, Laos:

Khao Lham (Sticky Rice In Bamboo)
Where? Thailand and Laos
Tasted? Yes, we all loved it!
A delicious dessert

Baby birds
Where? Hanoi, Vietnam
Tasted? No.
We all feel sad when we see these little birds

Durian (tropical fruit with a strong smell)
Where? All SouthEast Asia.
Tasted? Not directly; in cookies or smoothies.
Two big Durians
The smell is so strong that in some businesses Durians are not allowed

Where? Cambodia
Tasted? No.
Poor turtles...

Quail (roasted)
Where? Krabi, Thailand.
Tasted? Yes, Albertico.

Where? Vietnam; Cambodia
Tasted? No.
Fried snakes

Spiders (tarantula)
Where? Phonm Penh, Cambodia
Tasted? No.
A big bowl of tarantulas

Where? Hong Kong; Malaysia
Tasted? Yes, Albertico.
These frogs look disgusting now!

Where? Laos
Tasted? No

Where? Thailand; Laos; Vietnam; Cambodia
Tasted? Yes, Albertico and Miguelito.
Miguelito eating grashoppers
Albertico eating grashoppers

Where? Thailand; Laos; Vietnam; Cambodia
Tasted? Yes, Albertico and Miguelito.
Mixed insects
More mixed insects
worms where actually tasty!

Fresh coconut milk (come on, not everything must be awful!)
Where? Thailand.
Tasted? Yes, so good!
missing it!
Miguelito also loved fresh coconut milk

Where? SouthEast Asia
Tasted? Yes, the best ones in Krabi.

Where? Laos
Tasted? Yes, it was our Trecking lunch.

Roaster blood
Where? Laos
Tasted? Yes, and still regretting it.

Chicken blood
Where? Laos; Philippines.
Tasted? Yes, better than the roaster one.

and the star dish, probably the most disgusting!

Where? Vietnam.
Tasted? No, thanks.
The most disgusting food we saw

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